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About Us

Chainlines, LLC started as a company specializing in the bibliography and cataloging of rare and early printed books.  Since 2010, our expertise has broadened to include a wide variety of historical research activities, especially genealogy and house histories.

Our Name

Chainlines are the widely spaced lines visible in the texture of hand-made laid paper, made by the wire mesh at the bottom of the tray in which it is made. They can provide important clues to the printing history of books produced in the hand-made printing area.

Still looking for clues, we now like to think of the numerous links in the chains that connect us with our history and family roots.

Kristine Smets | 410.733.0955 |

3 thoughts on “Genealogy|House Histories|Bibliography

  1. Kristine – finally got your website – looks good ! Let me know if your address is correct and I will send you the information and a check to get you started when you are ready to – I have 1308 Bolton Street Baltimore, MD 21217 -phone 410-5231178 from my searches. Cheer / enjoy ! Hope all well after you adventures in Europe ! Frank


  2. Dear Frank. Yes you have the correct address. I have just returned from my trip abroad and will be in touch shortly. Mewanwhile, feel free to send me any information you have. Looking forward to start on your project!


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