How to Get Started

Genealogical research is open-ended: for each person that you find the parents for, you end up with two people waiting to be researched. That is why a fixed budget for the entire research into a person’s ancestors is impossible to give. Instead, the work is done in stages, where the client and the researcher agree on the goals and the budget for each stage.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Contact Kristine and provide her with an overview of what you have discovered and documented thus far about your family history.  This can be in the form of a narrative, a bullet pointed list, or a family tree.  If possible, include documentation that shows “how you know what you know.”
  2. Based on this information, Kristine will write a research proposal with suggested recommendations for further research.  A first phase of research will be outlined with a quote that includes the maximum of hours to be spent.  Her charge for this initial consultation is $100 payable upon receipt of the proposal.  This amount will be credited towards future research charges.
  3. Moving forward from there, Kristine charges $30.00 per hour for further research or consultation.  Once you authorize to spend a certain number of hours, you will be asked to pay a 25% retainer.  After Kristine has completed the research, she will provide you with a documented report describing her findings and the basis for her conclusions, as well as copies of relevant documents with full source citations. For a larger project, a flat fee can also be negotiated.